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Aladdin (2019) อะลาดิน


Aladdin is a street urchin who lives in Agrabah is a street urchin who encounters princess Jasmine. Jasmine is the child of a struggling family and is seeking an enchanting light in the Cave of Wonders. The cave is only accessible to the “diamond-in-rough”

Jafar’s beloved bird Iago is watching Aladdin and Abu as they enter the castle of Jasmine. He warns him not to get any other things. Aladdin then unlocks the magic carpet to locate the lamp. Abu kicks Aladdin and then double crosses him. Abu then grabs the lamp.

Aladdin trapped in the cave and unable to leave, rubs the lamp in order to summon his powerful Geenie. Aladdin informs him that it is possible to summon the all-powerful Geenie within him.

Aladdin arrives in Agrabah disguised as the character as Prince Ali of Ababwa. However, Jasmine is not impressed by his appearance.

Jafar finds Aladdin and is able to throw him into the moat of the palace. He hopes that , if Aladdin is able to survive the moat, it will reveal that Aladdin was actually the lamp. The Genie isn’t sure whether he can remain his own image without Jafar, and goes back towards the lamp.

Jafar is released by Iago Jafar is freed by Iago, who hands the Genie’s lamp. Jafar fulfills his first desire to become an Sultan. Jafar’s guards at the palace are reminding Jasmine of their devotion, and Jafar is required to surrender his second dream to be the greatest wizard in the universe. Jafar will expose Aladdin and then deport Abu to a frozen desert. Jasmine, Jasmine, and Jasmine are all imprisoned together with Jasmine’s Tiger Rajah. Jasmine threats Dalia as well as the Sultan with the death penalty in the event that Jasmine doesn’t marry the Sultan. Jasmine and Jasmine are locked up as well as Jasmine’s pet, a href=”” title=”Bengal tiger”>Tiger. Jasmine and Jasmine are captured and Jasmine’s magical rug is destroyed.

Aladdin is a sarcastic, humorous Jafar is utilized as a second-rate source of power to the Genie. He is enticed by Jafar to reach the final ambition to become “the the most powerful being in the universe” that the Genie demands Jafar to become.

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